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2005, Ford, Mustang

Mr. Connelly and Eddy Current drove their beat but vintage '60s Mustang to Aircraft and Powerplant class each weekday night for the arduous 18 week semester, 6 hours nightly, for two years. Sure a beater import would of been cheaper on fuel costs and easier to park in a crowded student parking lot but each night their Mustangs sat out back of our lab and at 'tea' (dinner break) the class seemed to rally around their American muscle like old mates at reunions.

The new 2005 Ford Mustang was designed for men like them.

The 2005 Ford Mustang models, V-6 and GT (V-8) coupe, look, feel, and deliver the American iconic heritage of this mythical legendary platform.

Ford has redesigned the chassis, suspension, drive chain and mated contemporary engine components, brakes (anti-lock), and airbags, while sculpturing a 1960s retro-exterior.

"It finally looks like a Mustang!" Under the Mustang heritage 60s facade is the all-new high-strength-steel body shell that is 6" longer than 2004 with a head-down leaned forward already motoring while at rest stance.

Newly designed chassis with the unique "reverse L" MacPherson-strut front suspension adding control and pleasant ride while the equally "new three-link" rear suspension encompassing a longitudinal stabilizing tubular "Panhard rod" device, (GT model only) which keeps the power rear wheels contacted to the road during high acceleration.

An optional five speed automatic transmission is available while the preferred GT V-8 powerplant comes standard with the five speed Tremec 3650 gearbox manual transmission.

This is the car you dreamed. This is the machine you felt roll by on Friday cruise night, leaping down San Francisco hills from the screen, or simply idling at a traffic light. You will thoroughly enjoy the 2005 Ford Mustang, either V-6 or preferred GT V-8 five speed manual standard, (automatic optional) if you've longed to relive the rear wheel drive muscle cars of the 1960s.

The 2005 Ford Mustang interior succeeds in the retro-60s task. Speedometer, tachometer, and engine gauges look like classic 60s Mustang.

The additional six inches of the new chassis is noticed inside with more head and legroom. Beautiful aluminum dash with complimenting materials completes the 1960s 2005 Ford Mustang time machine.

Standard modern safety features include sensing adjusted dual-stage driver and front passenger airbags for full or partial deployment; with optional side-seat mounted air bags. Power door locks and remote is standard.

The new "unitized welded steel" chassis for the 2005 Ford Mustang with complimentary new rear suspension and MacPherson struts is the basis for the mantra, "Now this is a Mustang." V-6 4.0-liter delivers 210hp @ 5,250 rpm while the preferred GT V-8, 4.6-liter SOHC 3 valves per cylinder variable camshaft timing produces 300hp @ 5,750 rpm.

"MyColor custom instrument panel" ($175) feature permits the driver to select 125 different instrument color backgrounds. Yes, it works too!

A series of clever anti-theft mechanisms, like an inclination sensing module to prevent towing theft, interior motion detector, and an alarm sounder separate from the vehicles's horn powered by a 60 amp battery help keep your Mustang in your zip code. V6 optional "premium model" include a Shaker 500 audio six-disc CD, (MP3 able) changer with each door having their own subwoofer while the GT version unleashes a Shaker 1000, yes 1000 watt system with trunk two MORE subwoofers.

Base prices for the 2005 Ford Mustang models start at $19,400 for the V6 while the V-8 GT begins at $24,995. The V6 and GT I drove were the 'premium models' priced at $19,995 and $26,330 respectively. Five-speed automatic transmission is an option for both the V6 and GT at $995.

Rear wheeled drive muscle cars are synonymous with sliding either up quarter mile burnouts or sideways through the apex of a curve. The newly re-designed 2005 Ford Mustang delivers the wonderful joys of rubber to the road traction with its newly designed solid rear axle and "three-link suspension." Four wheel power discs brakes with 21st century anti-locking and traction control smoothly give the driver a secure feeling of precision and excitement.

I pushed my GT five-speed manual around sweepers and jumped on the brakes with no surprises or white knuckled sweats. The new 2005 Ford Mustang is also pleasant, well behaved, and easy in traffic. No twitchy pulls or annoying constant steering corrections with either the 16" tires on seven inch wheels for the V-6 or 17" rubber on eight inch wheels for the GT.

Chassis, suspension and drive chain are the foundations of the new 2005 Ford Mustang experience. Synergies of components are found through long hours of research and development. The 2005 Ford Mustang seamlessly handled as a modern 21st century sports car coupe but felt classic and familiar. The sound of the GT's exhaust encompasses what I remember of Friday night high school pep rallies as that lone Mustang smoking a peel in the dark behind the school's gym screeched into the night after a home team victory.

Yes, a convertible is coming too. Hau Tai-Tang, chief engineer for the Mustang program, gleefully mentioned the convertible version has already begun.

By Mark 'Stretch' Batchelor

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2005 Ford Mustang
2005 Ford Mustang
2005 Ford Mustang
2005 Ford Mustang
2005 Ford Mustang
2005 Ford Mustang
2005 Ford Mustang
2005 Ford Mustang