Wherefore art thou Romeo interior?

2006, Suzuki, Verona EX

"There is no world without Verona walls," I lay stretched across the bed, lingering over my Shakespearean anthology and sighed deeply.

Like Juliet, I was left with Verona, dreaming of my star-crossed lover's return. I fluttered my eyelashes and concentrated on motion. It was a day. Not a happy day, nor a sad day, just a day. Peeking through the window, the sky was noncommittal with a slight glow illuminating from an elusive sun.

Dramatically, I pulled the covers around my head. Can I just stay here? I spoke in answer to the chirpy alarm. But, Romeo or not, life was passing me by. Inhaling and propelling up and out of bed, I figured I better use the Suzuki Verona moment to my advantage.

It was the kind of day where you pull on the first pair of comfortable jeans and the hair gets tucked under, as you lace up the sneakers. You grab a black T-shirt, hoping the dark hue will make you blend in, firmly stating the message, don't bother me today, okay? And on cue, the charcoal 2005 Suzuki Verona was waiting to complement my ensemble, in a dense shade deemed tuxedo black.

Like a bow-tie wearing charmer ready to enchant the town, Verona offered to whisk me a way to dreamier locales, shiny and new. But this was no good time Charlie, but a trusty ride with stick to it appeal. No mess in its simple clean curves, just a car with a modest 2.5-liter engine, waiting to get me through a blah Brooklyn day.

Ladies are prone to these days, when we don't like to be in the streets, where we are always cold. The EX version's heated seat options kept me cozy.

I set about, for my errands. I was low-key, like the 155 horsepower and 177 pound feet of torque trickling from the engine chamber. My dashboard was uncluttered and clear with simple easy to digest gauges. Somewhat robotically, I completed my tasks and steady checked marks on my list. Yet, Verona was sensitive to the touch, and I was careful not to jerk the steering wheel too suddenly. Verona seemed to respond quite erratically, over steering when I nudge the steering wheel. Gentle, I thought, let Verona be.

Left to coast along the road, Verona was laidback, a steady partner, with finesse from a solid drive train on the straightaway. It showed me a different side of the road with cool, solemn pipes and a no-brainer automatic behind the in-line 6 cylinder engine.

Like Lil' Romeo, Verona is still youngster, only two years old from the Montague styled GM and Daewoo joined forces, bringing the Suzuki brand in the mix. Drawing from the legacy created by Matsuo Suzuki in the first half of the twentieth century, Suzuki is known for its solid long lasting engines. The company borrows from its Japanese motor cross technologists. It's among the big four motorcycle manufacturers, but Suzuki has long manufactured less famous zippy passenger cars.

Easy on low speeds, Verona paused gingerly as I tapped the brakes, which made the stop and go traffic go traffic more bearable. As the day wore on, I glanced down and remembered an engagement I had forgot in my spaced out state. Verona mustered some pep as we completed our mission.

Fifteen minutes later, she hopped in and we were off. Suddenly my sympathetic ride had a little swing in its hips as we hit the corners of Prospect Park with our compatriot. It was teatime.

We rolled onto Seventh Avenue to her spot, the Tea Lounge, ordered up yummy cinnamon-spiced Chai tea lattes as our trusty companion waited for us, looking dapper in the sun.

It's amazing how just getting in the streets and going flips your perspective - and makes you appreciate whatchya got. I glanced out on the window where Verona winked back as the emerging sun sparkled in the flecks of its dark coat. I raised my teacup to Verona's staunch walls and sipped.

2006 Suzuki Verona 4dr Sedan 2.5L 6 cylinder, MSRP $20,299.

By Tamara Warren

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2006 Suzuki Verona EX
2006 Suzuki Verona EX
2006 Suzuki Verona EX
2006 Suzuki Verona EX
2006 Suzuki Verona EX
2006 Suzuki Verona EX
2006 Suzuki Verona EX
2006 Suzuki Verona EX