2011, Ford, Mustang Shelby Cobra Super Snake

OK! Not many of us will never own a 2011 Ford Mustang GT-500 and then convert it into a Shelby Cobra Super Snake. Not many of us want to own a car with more than twice the horsepower than my Ford F-350 crew cab diesel truck.

And even fewer of us have the $70-$90k to spend on such an animal. However, the thought of owning and driving the Shelby Super Snake is intriguing and that is reason enough for it to exist.

Fortunately, this very reptile was available for me to drive on the streets around the Auto Club Motor Speedway in Fontana and I jumped at the chance.

To begin, a car with 750 horsepower, a six-speed manually transmission and double pumped racing clutch is not a Mustang for the everyday driver. It would live near a race track and the person in the driver’s seat would dread a traffic jam for fear of losing the feeling in the left leg.

Yet, I was immediately surprised at how easy it was to pilot the Super Snake. Shifting was not difficult and the clutch was compliant enough so that my passengers did not suffer whiplash during every shift.

The ride is definitely stiff but not so harsh as to have people get out and kiss the ground. This is a testament to the Shelby technicians and Ford’s racing team.

To get this ride, a person has to purchase the 2011 Ford Mustang GT-500 with a mere 500 horsepower and then deliver it to Shelby in Las Vegas for the conversion package which starts with a package price of $29,495.

For this one gets Shelby/Ford Racing TVS 630 HP Supercharger, carbon fiber body components, SHELBY deck lid letter kit along with the Super Snake badging on the front grille and front fenders and Shelby Super Snake striping.

Then the front and rear brake duct kit and rear tails lights are modified and the quarter window scoops or block-offs are added. There are other cosmetic treatments and the CSM consecutively numbered dash plaque and engine plate are added for authenticity.

The hardware to get this snake striking and stopping include the Shelby/Baer 6-piston caliper front brake system with larger rear rotors. Shelby/Ford Racing has developed their own suspension with adjustable dampers and 20” Shelby/Alcoa Super Snake wheels and Pirelli P-Zero tires.

A Borla cat-back exhaust system gives the nicest growl but, again, not so loud that car alarms will activate in the owner’s neighborhood. The cold air intake system, short-throw shifter, and 3.73:1 differential guarantee breathtaking acceleration.

I drove the Mustang with the Shelby/Ford Racing Whipple 750 HP Supercharger, custom drive shaft, Shelby/Eibach adjustable coil-over suspension with Shelby/Eibach sway bars and the white ball billet short-throw shifter.

The list of options are endless and the list grows everyday a racing manufacture proves that they have a performance enhancing product, approved by Carol Shelby himself, and quality to deliver it.

This is why the center gauge cluster has Carroll Shelby’s signature on it. These people are serious about speed and handling and I felt it, even if it were only for 20 minutes.

By Jim Powell

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Images of the 2011, Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Super Snake

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