What it is: Active tilt control winds up the stabilizer bars in the front and rear suspension to resist body lean while cornering. Because active control is used only as needed, vehicle spring rates and stabilizer bar stiffness can be reduced, improving normal ride characteristics. In addition, this system has potential to increase low-speed, off-road traction on 4WD vehicles.

How it works: The control module receives a lateral acceleration signal from a body-mounted accelerometer. The module directs pressure from a pump to hydraulic cylinders that replace stabilizer bar links. During cornering, the cylinders wind up the stabilizer bars, which increases resistance to body lean. The system is deactivated at slow speeds to increase driver comfort. Off-road traction is improved due to lower resistance from the stabilizer bars, allowing the front and rear wheels to better follow the surface of rough roads.

Customer benefit: Reduced vehicle lean when cornering and improved ride.