What it is:

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) improves on traditional cruise control by allowing a vehicle to automatically adapt to the speed of highway traffic. follow another vehicle at a set distance. With ACC, the driver selects a desired interval to follow traffic as well as the desired cruise speed.

When slower traffic is encountered the ACC alters vehicle speed to maintain the desired interval while following traffic. Speed is controlled by ACC with moderate braking when needed. When traffic clears, ACC resumes the desired cruise speed. The driver may override the system by braking at any time.

How it works:

When activated by the driver, a microwave radar unit or laser transceiver on the front of the vehicle determines the distance and relative speed of any vehicle which may be in the path of travel. The ACC computer continually commands the throttle and brakes to maintain cruise speed or adapted speed of traffic. Braking by the driver can override the system at any time.

Customer benefit:

Increased driver convenience regarding speed control and improved traffic flow on busy highways.