The innovative voice control system LINGUATRONIC (optional), which Mercedes-Benz was the first car manufacturer in the world to develop for operating the car telephone, can also be used to control the navigation and audio systems of the S-Class. The system receives the driver’s wishes by microphone and then starts up a short interactive dialog.

For instance, a pleasant female voice answers the command “dial number” with the request “the number, please”, and after the driver has spoken the phone number and said “dial”, the system automatically starts dialling. In response to the command “CD player” or “CD changer”, music very soon starts to flow from the loudspeakers.

The heart of the LINGUATRONIC system is a software package which is programmed with voice recognition algorithms and which can take into account the individual peculiarities of the human voice. Consequently, the system can adjust to the individual speaking style of the different users and can thus also understand dialects.