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2006 Jaguar XK

By Lou Ann Hammond, Thu, 3 Feb 2005 08:00:00 PDT

The first time I saw the Jaguar car was in an auditorium in the nosebleed section of Cobo Hall at the 2005 Detroit Auto show. I would have thought the car would have been British racing green to show British heritage, but no, it was a lacy-girly light blue color. I remarked about the light blue color and was told that there had been much discussion about the color. There should have been more. I' ve never liked that color on a car and especially one that has over 300 horsepower. The only time the color looks good is when you are close up.

The honches that Jaguar is famous for needs to be more pronounced, but it' s still gorgeous. I' m a fan of sculpted sheet metal. The Lexus LF-C and Chrysler Firepower were my favorite of show for sculpted sheet metal. I say take a look at the feline honches and side sculpting on the LF-C before you release this and you will have a winner.

If this looks like an Aston Martin to you it should. Ian Callum designed the Aston Martin then was "asked" to take over Jaguars design. His artistic signature is on both cars. Ian is one of the best designers in this segment.

Jaguar' s sales dropped sixteen percent last year. They are the last of the three that Volvo is still donating money to to stay alive; Aston Martin and Land Rover reportedly finally making a profit.

Jaguar insiders say this is the car that is going to go into production. Will this car be the one that takes Jaguar out of the red and back into British racing green? It' s certainly going to help. Between this new XK and the new X-type wagon Jaguar could be coming back into the green -I mean black- soon. Let's hope so, Jaguar is one of my favorite cars.



The XK from behind

Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum

The instrument panel

2006 Jaguar XK

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